Ultraviolet is a 24-year-old magazine devoted to the creative arts: prose, poetry, art, photography, graphics, music...you name it, we want it.

We are a student club based out of Queen's University in Kingston, ON, and we love promoting creativity both on and off campus.

Our publication was started by Melissa Kluger who is currently the editor of her own magazine in Toronto. She started UV with the intention of providing a space where bolder and more outgoing pieces could find a happy home.

If you feel that your writing or artwork pushes boundaries, limits, and to the very edge of creativity, then please submit to Ultraviolet Magazine and show us what you've got!




Sadie Levine


4th year, Psychology and Con-Ed


Favourite Artwork: My favourite artwork is the Nibbler Bunny made by @bunnypetals_store on Instagram. I love artwork that plays with themes of childhood while adding a dark twist. The Nibbler Bunny is a handmade stuffed bunny with human teeth, and it is the perfect intersection between cute and creepy. To me, it represents the loss of innocence in childhood, and a fear growing up. I purchased my own Nibbler Bunny recently, and although my housemates aren’t huge fans, I love the way it pushes boundaries by creating discomfort.

Inspiration: Children’s book illustrations.

Annie Rogers


4th Year, Art History

Favourite Artwork: My favourit arwork is Arthur Lismer's painting, Sunglow. As a member of the Group of Seven, Lismer painted many scenes and landscapes within Algonquin Park: a place I have spent much time. Lismer's Sunglow is one of my favorites as it reminds me of Monet's impressionist technique of broken colour. The way the light is captured in this work perfectly encapsulates how the sun hits the birch trees on a fall day and reminds me of many of the places I have been within Algonquin Park. The painting gives me a sense of comfort and familiarity while challenging the eye through scattered colours. For me, looking at this work is a gateway to many good memories of time spent in the outdoors camping and canoeing. These memories are something that drives me every day.

Inspiration: Learning from the past

Haleema Headshot Edited.jpg

Haleema  Raja

Head of Layout

3rd Year, Political Studies and History

Favourite Artwork: My favourite artwork is “Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare” by Claude Monet. I like the colours that are used in the painting, which are different tones of blue and green. I think the painting represents a change in technology and the start of the rapid increase of societal advancements. I saw it at the AGO last year during the Monet exhibit, so it was nice to see it in person. I like the painting because it shows the beginning of when the world changed. 

Inspiration: The music and people I surround myself with.