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Ultraviolet is a 24-year-old magazine devoted to the creative arts: prose, poetry, art, photography, graphics, name it, we want it.

We are a student club based out of Queen's University in Kingston, ON, and we love promoting creativity both on and off campus.

Our publication was started by Melissa Kluger who is currently the editor of her own magazine in Toronto. She started UV with the intention of providing a space where bolder and more outgoing pieces could find a happy home.

If you feel that your writing or artwork pushes boundaries, limits, and to the very edge of creativity, then please submit to Ultraviolet Magazine and show us what you've got!



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Sadie Levine


5th year - Con-Ed


Favourite Artwork: My favourite artwork is the Nibbler Bunny made by @bunnypetals_store on Instagram. I love artwork that plays with themes of childhood while adding a dark twist. The Nibbler Bunny is a handmade stuffed bunny with human teeth, and it is the perfect intersection between cute and creepy. To me, it represents the loss of innocence in childhood, and a fear growing up. I purchased my own Nibbler Bunny recently, and although my housemates aren’t huge fans, I love the way it pushes boundaries by creating discomfort.

Inspiration: Children’s book illustrations.

Annie Rogers


5th Year - Art History


Favourite Artwork: My favourite artwork is Arthur Lismer's painting, Sunglow. As a member of the Group of Seven, Lismer painted many scenes and landscapes within Algonquin Park: a place I have spent much time. Lismer's Sunglow is one of my favourites as it reminds me of Monet's impressionist technique of broken colour. The way the light is captured in this work perfectly encapsulates how the sun hits the birch trees on a fall day and reminds me of many of the places I have been to within Algonquin Park. The painting gives me a sense of comfort and familiarity while challenging the eye through scattered colours. For me, looking at this work is a gateway to many good memories of time spent in the outdoors camping and canoeing. These memories are something that drives me every day.

Inspiration: Learning from the past.


Jade  DeLuca-Ahooja

 Head Layout

2nd Year - Film


Favourite Artwork: My favourite art piece is Moonrise Kingdom directed by: Wes Anderson. I find all of Wes Anderson’s work so incredibly inspiring because of how unique his style is. I love his use of colour, symmetry and overall nostalgic style. The way he weaves the story so intricately into the visual aspects of his movies is what inspired me to pursue my passion for film

Inspiration: The music and media I consume everyday!

Samantha Nicastro

Co-Head of Events

5th year - Sociology


Favourite Artwork: My favourite artwork, as cliché as this sounds, is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. As simple as this painting appears, the Mona Lisa redefined the rules of contemporary art through perspective and shadow work making it appear as if the woman is smiling. I really love this painting because the more you fixate on the smile, the more it slowly fades away as if there was no smile to begin with. This has been my favourite painting since I was 7 years old when I saw it in Paris for the very first time.

Inspiration: Trying new experiences and going outside my comfort zone.


Anna Nicolela

Co-Head of Events

4th year - Life Sciences


Favourite Artwork: My favourite artwork is “The NeverEnding Story”, a movie directed by Wolfgang Petersen. This 80s kids movie was always my favourite growing up. The movie is filled with all kinds of creatures and magical beings that travel through the whimsical landscapes of Fantasia. As a kid, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the fluffy, sparkling Luck Dragon, who swoops down to save the day just when all appears to be lost. "The NeverEnding Story" is both aesthetically pleasing to watch and also carries a timeless message: to use your imagination. When I revisit this movie now, I am both comforted by the familiar soundtrack and reminded of the importance of creativity in everyday life.

Inspiration: My inspirations are the strength and kindness of the people around me.

Eliza Murphy

Assistant Events

5th year - Sociology


Favourite Artwork: LÉON’s song Head And Heart On Fire. Back when I first discovered this song, I became mesmerized with its lyrics, melody, tune, harmonies, and the artist’s voice. The general feeling I get when I listen to the song is hard to describe. The best way I can put it is I feel a sense of comfort, longing, and nostalgia. It reminds me of experiences from long ago, but I can’t put an image to them, rather I am overcome with this strong feeling of happiness and sadness. This song is definitely one of the most impactful songs I have ever listened to and has made me think more about myself, and has taught me to allow myself to feel whatever emotions I may feel and embrace them because they are unique to me.

Inspiration: The people and music I surround myself with.

alana - headshot.PNG

Alana Lambert-Dias

Assistant Events

5th year - Psychology


Favourite Artwork: One of my favourite art pieces (because I can’t choose just one) is Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne sculpture. I have always loved Greek/Roman mythology, but the main reason I love this piece is because of how well it displays Bernini’s amazing ability to portray dynamic realism in his work. While the statue itself is just a piece of marble, Bernini is able to create lifelike characters who almost jump off the pedestal; he manages to make solid stone look as soft as real flesh and stone hair look as if it is moving, and his use of the circular nature of the two characters rounding each other makes it seem as if an action shot of two real people. One of my favourite aspects is how he captures Daphne mid-transformation to further demonstrate his dynamic abilities. While he was often overshadowed at the time by Michelangelo and his work, I believe Bernini’s accomplishments should be just as celebrated for his beautiful ability to capture the lifelike dynamism of the real world.

Inspiration: The natural world around me.

Amy Hong

Head Website

3rd year - Computer Science


Favourite Artwork: My favourite piece of art is the animated film - Howl’s Moving Castle, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. As a major fan of anime and 2D animation in general, I enjoy how Miyazaki uses traditional cell animation to bring his stories to life. Howl’s Moving Castle in particular has such a whimsical and fantastical feeling to it. My favourite scene from the movie is definitely when Howl makes bacon and eggs for breakfast because of how warm and nostalgic it feels when Howl and Sophie eat breakfast in the cozy castle. The soundtrack of the film, especially the theme song, “The Merry Go Round of Life '' are also some of my favourite parts of the film.

Inspiration: Drawing and developing games.


Katelyn Zeng

Assistant Website & Assistant Layout

1st year - Health Sciences


Favourite Artwork: My favourite artwork is a painting titled "Oh No" which I illustrated last year. I love the low vantage point that amplifies the anticipation of someone slipping on a banana peel, and the soft colour palette induces a feeling of calm. The artwork is a juxtaposition between danger and serenity. The letters in the background also add an interesting graphic element to the overall painting.

Inspiration: Photography and studio ghibli movies.

Sonja Smith

Head Social Media and Graphics

3rd year - Nursing


Favourite Artwork: One of my favourite artworks is “Suspiria”, a film directed by Dario Argento. I love horror movies as a way of expressing the fears we have about life, especially in a surreal or exaggerated way. The setting and characters in the movie are all very dreamlike, and I think film that can completely take you out of the real world is perfect for making people feel immersed in the story. This film is also very vibrant for a horror movie, which lends to how beautiful many of the shots look. It doesn’t frighten you in the way a typical horror movie does, and I think it’s a completely new experience from what many people expect horror to be. This film showed me how pushing the boundaries of realism in film and going outside of the realm of belief can work in all genres, even in an unexpected way.

Inspiration: History and art movements of the past.

sonja - headshot.PNG
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