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Short Stories

More than Physics

by U. Salar

Kian didn't know what he was doing when he called her. It only felt real when she picked up...

The Great Krka Falls

by K. Syntra

On fuzzy cobalt blue seats, we watched the sun chasing the bus ever so close...

Family Tree

by S. Acacia

The red pine is a species of evergreen that keeps its leaves throughout the year. It’s also...


by R. Arcadi

It was late autumn by the time the snow came. Spiraling down the periwinkle sky...

Bark and Needle

by A. Barber

The light had been occupying the room for some time, but it was now, as the sun's rays...


by K. Lutz

A brief story about my history of depression.

Note: References to depression.

Vanitas with Fishes

by H. Gagnier

The light wasn't so bright, at first. But the longer I look, the brighter it gets, until...

December 15th, 2019

by Sophie DeFreitas

I am driving around my small town with my friends in someone's dad's car...

Swan Song

by Hannah Luppe

I will tell you this only once, so, please listen carefully...

The Pretender

by Chloe Sarrazin

The apartment was too small far a party. There were only meant to be twenty guests...

Pillars of Salt

by Sophie DeFreitas

Just thinking about how when my body decomposes, all that will be left are my...


by Grace Tucker-Pieczonk

The music was too loud. There were too many people talking. Too many colours, too much light. Kiara's breathing was...

Snowflakes on Skin

by Chloe Sarrazin

All Olivia wants is to die.
She says the words to herself...

Note: Sensitive Content. 

Ceiling Full of Stars

by Daniel Green

“Just put on Toy Story again,” Daddy says.

“He’s watched it twice already today!” Mommy replies.


by Grace Tucker-Pieczonk

Sam hadn't had a thing to drink in years. It had taken her so long to get rid of the nasty habit...

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