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Photography & Visual Arts

Click on the photos for a title & description.

Serene Decomposition - Clara Scott
Creation Of Eve - Gretchen Gales
Centerstage  - Lucas Stanley
Chapter 19: Buried Planet -  Marco Teixeira
tea for the soul - Siena Idoine
Shadows - Mindy Baroody
The Kitchen Table - Siena Idoine
Untitled - Siena Idoine
Idiopathic - Jenna
Bosque Farms - Siena Idoine
SOFT (Ferdin and Tyler) - Morgan Sears-Williams
SOFT (Rose Arielle) - Morgan Sears-Williams
sunset on fire - Indira de Cartier
WaterWork INC - James Wells
Why ice floats - Leila Shahzamani-Griggs
Lighter - Naomi Berlyne
Scientist - Mai Canfield
Keeping in Touch - Rebecca van Gennip
iceland beach - Indira de Cartier
home forever - Claire Dobbie
generations - Indira de Cartier (1)
Falling High - James Wells
Expansive  - Indira de Cartier
houses in motion - Cleo Abboud (1)
heat - Cleo Abboud
19 - Meenakashi Ghadial
When we were happy - Ava Tkaczuk
Growth - George Tucker Pieczonka
Circo d’Estate - Francesca LeBlanc
Brain doodle- Kaylen Schumann
Alluring Fear - Leila Shahzamani-Griggs
Assumption of Man's Best Friend - Michaela Zinsmeister
A Memory with Alex - Elizabeth Albrecht - Elizabeth Albrecht
A Prologue in Heaven - Danielle Furtado
A Prologue in Heaven - Danielle Furtado
What might have been lost - Jane Forrest
The Key Is To Not Implicate Me - Mary Williams
The Straight Jacket  - Sasha Steiner
The Straight Jacket - Sasha Steiner
Untitled  - Eamon Dunbar
Inverted Angel - Matthew Conway
Kensington Houses - Jane Forrest
Kensington Market - Jane Forrest
Untitled - Eamon Dunbar
Lamb to the Slaughter - Miki Mitsui Hotz
Lighting Poetry - Jane Forrest
Moment 2 - Daria Khodabandehloo
Smile For Me - Mary Williams
Together - Laken Harrison
Icarus and the Sun - Miki Mitsui Hotz
Icarus and the Sun - Miki Mitsui Hotz
Home Surveillance - Danielle Furtado
History in the Walls - Jane Forrest
Forever 1 - Daria Khodabandehloo
ESA at Dusk - Jane Forrest
Something like wonder - Miya Contreras
See me - Miya Contreras
Through Organs - Kip MacDonell
Castle Sleepover - Jobelle Quijano
Halloween - Jobelle Quijano
Rapids - Hana Lang
Heritage - Audrey Hansen
Childish thoughts - Leo Cardoso
Subcultural Dress - Maeve Laing-Gatehouse
Subcultural Dress - Maeve Laing-Gatehouse
Subcultural Dress - Maeve Laing-Gatehouse
Subcultural Dress - Maeve Laing-Gatehouse
Solace - Ciara Ross
Stella - Ciara Ross
4:38am - Ciara Ross
Remorse - Kip MacDonell
Second - Kip MacDonell
Indirect connection - tears - Miya Contreras
Porch  - Evelyn Novak
Tate's Bed - Evelyn Novak
A Portrait With Scattered Masks - Aniyah Faisal
Dad Drag - Lilah Woodley
Dad Drag - Lilah Woodley
Floating in the Inter-Dimensional Expanse is a Bowl of Cheerios - Benjamin Krishnar-Haslam
Heavyweight - Lily Khair
Hey Lor - Lorelei Smith
Interdependent Composite - Chloe Baker
Jophiel's Realm - Noa Dgt
mini series - kiana mallo-nish
mini series - kiana mallo-nish
Despair burns in the old mans head - Lily Astrauskas
Despair burns in the old mans head - Lily Astrauskas
Despair burns in the old mans head- Lily Astrauskas
Despair burns in the old mans head - Lily Astrauskas
Olive Tree Field - Amnna Attia (1)
Olive Tree Field - Amnna Attia
SHE LOOKS LIKE YOU - Jose Gankhuyag
SHE LOOKS LIKE YOU - Jose Gankhuyag
time culmination - Miranda Hyatt Orme
Untitled - Chloe Baker
Untitled - Miya Contreras
Untitled - Miya Contreras
Untitled - Sophie Montpellier-Reid
Bacchus - Flynn Eves-Welch
My Stars - Jayden Couper
Flying - Indira
Don't You Trust Me? - Rotten Cavity
Ascension is Priority - Flynn Eves-Welch
Feast- Flynn Eves-Welch
Feast- Flynn Eves-Welch
Fernie - Jayden Couper
Gathering Lost Connection - Thuy Nguyen
Hallucination - Taylor Keenan
Her Part 1 - Julia Kochanski
I Feel Myself Fracturing - Riley Crews
MORE THAN A BODY - Julia Kochanski
Moths - Jayden Couper
Moths - Jayden Couper
Moths - Jayden Couper
Moths - Jayden Couper
nightrain - Helena
Out of Control - Indira
Punk - Flynn Eves-Welch
Red - Indira
Ripple - Indira
self-assessment - Olivia Joseph
Shironuri - Flynn Eves-Welch
The Tower - Flynn Eves-Welch
They're watching. - Fiona Isaac
you'll always be a mentor to me - Teira Pickering
Wild Forest - Amy Ai
Coping - Elliot Stocking
DID SHE WANT TO - Julia Kochanski
Don't look at me - George Tucker-Pieczonka
a hundred different ways to be what you are - Elliot Stocking
A Quiet Town - Amy Ai
B is for Burnout, P is for Potential - Elliot Stocking
Bloody Eagle - Flynn Eves-Welch
Ascension is Priority - Flynn Eves-Welch
A very specific picnic - Elliot Stocking
40°C - Teira Pickering
A Night in Tokyo - Amy Ai
A Sky Fractured City - Amy Ai
Are You Still Hungry_ Our Pot is Full - Julia Yoo
Anxiety - Amy Ai
A Space Inside Me - Amy Ai
Coverage - Amy Ai
Things about my Homeland - Amy Ai
The Casual - Amy Ai
Moss Dress - Sylvia Dai
Imaginary Bubble - Amy Ai
i'm happy i did that for the child and me - Teira Pickering
Heritage - Amy Ai
Corner - Amy Ai
Under Marine - Amy Ai
Tears of the Physical - Arya Raol
In The Eye Of The Beholder - Laken Harrison
I'm not Welcome Anymore - Zach Johnson
Path Top - Sylvia Dai
I <3 Bunny Bag - Sylvia Dai
Blush Dress - Sylvia Dai
Crush Capsule Collection - Sylvia Dai
jumpsuit 13 - Sylvia Dai
magic 2.1 - Sylvia Dai
Fufilment- Arya Raol
untitled  - Anthony Valiulin
Wanda and Dessa, Transfer 1 - Evelyn Novak
Prom Queen - Jasmine Gibson
Territorial - Arya Raol
Portrait of The Artist as Pierrot - Anthony Valiulin
Portrait of the Artist as Pierrot - Anthony Valiulin
Prima Noapte - Mara Gibea
The Stillness of Growth - Maya Kachra
The Stillness of Growth #02 - Maya Kachra
Persuasion - Arya Raol
Eye for an Eye - Arya Raol
Trust the Results - Aiya Fuller
DNA - Chloe Stanford
Bygone - Autumn Shi
Bicycle - Margaux Wilkinson
Sibling Park - Margaux Wilkinson
Disfigurement #02 - Maya Kachra
Disfigurement #01 - Maya Kachra
A Beautiful Girl in a White dress - Jasmine Gibson
911? - Trudy Flash
911 - Trudy Flash
Where are you REALLY from? - Aiya Fuller
Where are you REALLY from? - Aiya Fuller
Anatomy  - Asloan Jaroszynski
Tate's Bed - Evelyn Novak
333 Porch  - Evelyn Novak
Untitled - Patrick Cunningham
Taste of Contrition - Thuy Nguyen
Slither - Thuy Nguyen
Good Night House - Jane Forrest
Evelyn - Jane Forrest
Amnna - Jane Forrest
Floating - Jane Forrest
BestFriend - Jane Forrest
Tough Guy - Nicole Banton
Heritage - Ava Tkaczuk
Leaf Girl - Ava Tkaczuk
Playing Dress Up - Nicole Banton
Jay Medeiros - In The Foyer
Jay Medeiros - Calm Waters
Jay Medeiros - Gallery Floor
Jay Medeiros - Through a Portal
kauallu - loveme_ translating
Mary Williams - A Woman’s Trip
Haleema Raja - Ducks in November
Ariana Pickard - Please Be Gentle
Haleema Raja - A Sunset at the Pier
Anna Evans-Cook - Be Still My Beating He
Peregrine Productions - Adventure Awaits
Gillian Giovannetti - Flyin' High
Marina Papachristos - Deep in Thought
Resilience through Reconnection
liv - sand meets sky
Marina Papachristos - Craving Ritz
liv - shades of gray
liv - Fjordland
Jane Forrest - Empty Highway
Jay Medeiros - Ghost on the Swing
Jane Forrest - Breakthrough
The Ghost of the TTC
Dessa Ely - Best Friends
Jessica Jiang - Inside Me
Jessica Jiang - Every Family
Jessica Jiang - The Hidden
Jessica Jiang - Salvation
Jessica Jiang - Amnesiac
Marina Papachristos - NO SIGNAL
Untitled by MetroPaintN
Green Eyed Finn by Heather Knight
Haunted Cabin by Heather Knight
Sadie Levine - Raining Gummies
Sadie Levine - Inner Demons
Sadie Levine - A Journey in Blue
Sadie Levine - The Over-Thinkers
Natasha B - Portrait of Athena
Galah and Butcher Bird
Kodama by Seraphina Sol
A Reflection of Inner Thoughts
Tangerine Tennis by Ffion Turner-Lawrence
Tangerine Tennis by Ffion Turner-Lawrence
Butterfly Hour by Ffion Turner-Lawrence
Ethereal by Sydney Taylor
Same Dream by Seraphina Sol
Yellow Leaf by Lauren Fernandez
7_23 by Gillian Giovannetti
vert_ by Gillian Giovannetti
Phantasmagoria by Helena Gagnier
Autobiography(2) by Cindy Gao
Autobiography(4) by Cindy Gao
meg by Mahad Rehan
Value by Hitish Mahay
zain by Mahad Rehan
No One by Hitish Mahay
Under The Canopy by Sarah Reese
Untitled by Shane Ackerley
Exit This Way by Sarah Reese
Sheltered by Sarah Reese
Going Up by Sarah Reese
Bloom by Sarah Reese
Why Do Paintings Need Titles?
Solitary Community
Why Do Paintings Need Titles? 2
Accustomed Unfamiliarity 2
Communal Loneliness
Accustomed Unfamiliarity
Independent Codependence
Toronto Christmas Market
The Owl by Heather Knight
My Millie by Heather Knight
Rollerworld by Heather Knight
Girl Through the Steam
Don’t_Say_That! by Anika_Poch-Mckee
Fresh Baked Pies by Heather Knight
Canadian Winter by Heather Knight
Eyes of my Angel - Heather Knight
After by Maddi Andrews
Storm Cloud Overhead
By Lamplight Under Dusky Sky
Queens Fall by Raj Brar
Waterfront III by Sebastien Duff-Maillou
Waterfront by Sebastien Duff-Mailloux-pa
Through the Snow by Sebastien Duff-Maill
Stormy Day by Ffion Turner-Lawrence
Tokyo Rain by Cameron Yap
Broken Feelings by F.Turner-Lawrence
On Ice by Sebastien Duff-Mailloux
Frosty canal locks by Angela Frangos
psychedelic by Tiana Lam
The Light House Inn by Jays Shutter
Purple Haze by Jays Shutter
Sly by Rowan Marie LaCroix
Midnight Language by Kieran Turnbull
Bananas! by Sophia L Conradi
Grounded by Jays Shutter
Veil by Clare Lee
Reinvention of self by Clare Lee
Identity by Clare Lee
Drowning by Clare Lee
Such a vibrant green it's hard to beleaf
arches by Caroline Kim
hands by Heather Knight
Imperfections by Lauren Fernandez
Cow by Sarah Stubbs
Stormy Skies by Angela Frangos
Leaves on a Bench by Angela Frangos
Flyers by Sarah Stubbs
Cat's in the Bag by Sarah Stubbs
silence by Caroline Kim
untitled by Amir Tafazzoli
In Shadows 1 by Sebastien Duff-Maill
In Shadows 2 by Sebastien Duff-Maill
In Shadows 3 by Sebastien Duff-Maill
In Shadows 4 by Sebastien Duff-Maill
In Shadows 5 by Sebastien Duff-Maill
I'm Sorry by K.G.
Focus by K.G.
Here by K.G.
Blue Afternoons by K.G.
Misty by K.G.
Paris Nights by K.G.
London Reflections by K.G.
Cafe by Amy Carpenter
Discarded, 3/17 by Jessica Lanziner
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